Acanthosis Nigricans in Obese and Non-Obese individuals

Muhammad Rizwan Ullah, Usama Azhar, Aneeb Ashraf


Aim: To determination of acanthosis nigricans frequency among the obese and non-obese patients.

Place of study: The study was carried out in the Dermatology Department, General hospital, Lahore.

Duration of study: The duration of the study was over a period of six months and the collection of data was performed from the November 2017 to March 2018.

Methods: The study group consisted of 200 patients were obese and 200 patients were non-obese. Complete history was collected, complete clinical examination was performed and relevant investigations were conducted.

Results: The mean age of obese patients was 32.3±11.1 years. The mean age of non-obese patients was 28.1±12.4 years. Females were the most common patients in the obese group i.e., 123 (61.5%) whereas males were 77 (38.5%). Males were the most common patients in the non-obese patients i.e. 143(71.5%) whereas females were 57(28.5%).

Conclusion: Obese patients have high frequency of Acanthosis Nigricans as compared to non-obese patients.

Keywords: Acamtjpsosmogrocams, obese, non-obese

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