Anemia in pregnant women

Dr. Uzma Shaheen, Dr. Sidra Perveen, Dr. Salman Mahmood



To preclude anemia dependent on regular methods like CBC among the pregnant populace in the country in three separate socio economic status.

Place and Span of Study

This examination was directed at the Mayo Hospital Lahore for a time of one year amid 2017-2018.

Material and Methods:

100 pregnant women going through their late first trimester, belonging to different socioeconomic status were taken into consideration. Every included woman was observed throughout their each of the three trimesters of pregnancy and their Hb, MCV, MCHC, HCT, RBC tally was assessed. For the assessmentHematology auto analyzer of Social Security Hospitalmodel  XT-2000i was utilized. Results: The frequency of iron deficiency is of higher levels in the pregnant populace paying little respect to their financial status. The mean hemoglobin level, were discovered most reduced in third trimester in comparison with first and second trimester of pregnancy despite financial status of females. All the three socio economic status have relatively meet %prevalence of anemia.


There is a disturbing situation regarding the prevalence of iron deficiency anemia, in pregnant populace of Pakistan despite of their different socio economic statuses. Measures, for example, food fortification and  prophylaxis iron treatment ought to be begun after the conclusion even by basic and ordinary tests, for example, hemoglobin and red cell records.


Iron Deficiency, Anemia, Socioeconomic Groups, pregnant

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