Incidence of Anemia In patients of Chronic liver disease related to severity

Amna Khalid, Muhammad Tanveer Razzaq, Shehar Bano



Patients of chronic liver disease can develop anemia due to a number of reasons which include coagulopathy, increased amount of hepcidin which limits iron transfer from marcophages to bone marrow, loss of blood through varices. Patients can have both IDA and ACD or anyone of them. The cause of patients anemia can be evaluated by thorough testing and iron studies. Serum ferritin and total iron binding capacity differentiate between IDA and ACD.

Material and Methods:

Our study was descriptive cross sectional study conducted at services hospital Lahore in its gastroenterology department. All the patients having chronic liver disease presenting either through Outdoor or Emergency were included in our study and proper consent was taken before including them in the study. Their laboratory investigations were accessed for data collection and questionnaires were filled accordingly.

Results and Discussion:

A total of 67 patients were included in our study. The overall prevlance of anemia in patients of CLD came out to be 47%. The results showed that 40.62% of patients had iron deficieny anemia where as 37.5% patients had Anemia of chronic disease whereas rest were having uncategorized anemia. Most of the anemic patients of Chronic liver disease were having Child Pugh Class-C which were 21 in number (65.62% of all the anemic patients). Our study well established the asscoaition of iron deficieny anemia and Aneia of chronic disease with the CLD. Thus all the patients of CLD must be screened for anemia periodically.


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