Fakeha Mumtaz, Shanzay Azhar Qureshi, Amber Fida


Background: Surgical removal of third most usualinvolvement in the oral surgery. Third molar surgery is commonly related with significantly complications after extraction, that have social and medical health collision. This study was organized to examined the expected complications after the extraction of third molar/wisdom tooth.

Aim: The objectiveof this prospective study was to observe the expected complications after removal of third molar and the risk elements that were related to the complications at Nishtar Institute of Dentistry, Multan.

Methods: In this prospective study, conducted at Nishtar Institute of Dentistry Multan w.e.f. 06.05.2017 to 05.05.2018, Included one hundred and sixty four patients aged of 17 to 41 years. In which men were 64 and 100 were women (39.02% men and 60.97% women). The mean age calculated 22.9+4.1 years. All patients have surgical extraction of wisdom tooth. We examined the complications occurred in the third to 12th day of after removal of third molar. These complications were noted as swelling of mouth, Severe pain, continuous bleeding, trismus, infections and fracture. Patients with other medical problems except third molar surgery were excluded in this study.

Results: In this study we observedmost common complications like, swelling, pain and trismus. We found problem of dry socketĀ  in 20(12.2%) patients and 5(3.04%) patients were nerve obstacles. We observed most instant and late problems in women and older age patients. Usually instant and late problems were related to removal of 2 molars, already have pericoronitis, time duration in surgical extraction of tooth, displacement of tooth.

Conclusion: The most common instant and late problems/complications found after surgical extraction of third molar were trismus, severe pain, operation time duration, surgical oscillate, extraction of bone and sectioning of tooth could forecast and a collision on the occurrence of complications after surgical removal of third molar or wisdom tooth. We observed complications mostly in females and other patients after the removal of third molar.

Keywords: Severe pain, Dry Socket, Swelling, Removal of third molar and complications after removal.

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