The Role of Carbapenems in the Management of Diabetic Wounds

Bisma Safdar, Abdul Waqas, Umair ul hassan


Abstract:  To contemplate the role  of Carbapenems in the Administration of Diabetic wounds.

Prospective Study Place and Duration of Study:

This examination was led at the Idris Teaching Hospital, Sialkot from the month January 2014 till Nov 2017.

Materials and Methods:

 To consider the function of Carbapenems in the Management of Diabetic Wound. Around hundreds of cases  of diabetic wounds were incorporated into this imminent investigation amid January 2014-Nov 2017 at Idris Teaching College Sialkot. Patients were given approximately One gram of Carbapenems two times daily. The Performa was intended to track the record of  age, sexual orientation, span of treatment, evaluations of the injuries and territory of the body associated with diabetic wounds. Educated assent of the considerable number of patients was considered before treatment and authorization of moral board of trustees of the organization was additionally acquired.

Results:In 63 (63%) of females, diabetic wounds were more likely to found as compared to the 37 (37%) of the males. The regular age run was 50-60 years 35 (35%) cases in female and 20 (20%) cases in male as appeared in table no.1. The rate of diabetic wounds of foot, legs, back, and hands was 86%, 3%, 5% and 6% individually as demonstrated table no.2. It demonstrated that the foot was most normal region engaged with diabetic wounds 86 cases (86%). The frequency was in various evaluations of the injuries (I-V), 20 (20%), 30 (30%), 20 ( 20%), 15 (15%) and 15 (15%) individually as appeared in table no. 03. It demonstrated that the occurrence of review II wounds was greatest 30 (30%). In evaluations of wounds from I-V, the term was 3-7 days, 8-15 days, 16-30 days, 31-45 days, 46-60 days separately as appeared in table no.03.

Conclusion: It demonstrated that injuries of the review 2 have most extreme frequency 30 (30%) when contrasted with other review of the injuries.

Keywords : Carbapenems, Diabetic Wounds, Management

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