Dental Caries Determinants in High School Students of Public Sector in District Sialkot

Umair ul Hassan, Abdul Waqas, Shoaib Pervaiz



To ascertain thedecisive factor of dental caries or cavitiesin the children registered at high school on public scale in district Sialkot.

Study Design:

Cross sectional study

 Place and Duration of Study:

This examination was taken place at the Department of Dental Materials, Islam Dental College Sialkot starting from the month of June 2017 till December 2017.

Materials and Methods:

382 high school children of 9 public state,(4) girls and (5) boyshigh schools situated in the district Sialkot were involved in this case study.Simple random sampling technique was implemented. Questionary was the study tool. The collected data was analyzed surveyed by operating SPSS version 24.0.


52.9% of the kids had to take sick leaves due to dental pain and nearly 62.83% of them had dental complications in the past. Nearly  87.4% of the children consumed candies and sweets numerous  times during the week. About 37.2% had never been for a dental check up.A considerableconnection (p≤0.05%) was discovered  between dental caries and high consumption of candies, , juices, sodas,chocolates etc. and lack of oral hygiene practice.


Students consuming carbohydrates and sugars in moderate amount, were less liable to dental caries. A regular oral hygiene on daily basis was one of the possible explanation. We can positively determine that moderate sugar consumption  with regular brushing, two times per day with fluoridated toothpaste is crucial to minimize the possibility of tooth decay.

Key Words:

Dental Caries, Tooth Decay, Prevalence ,District Sialkot

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