Social and Environmental Reporting and the Performance of Quoted Conglomerates Firms in Nigeria



We examine the relationship between corporate governance and the extent of corporate social reporting (CSR) in the annual reports of Nigerian conglomerates. This study investigates the relationship between corporate social reporting (CSR) and firm value of listed conglomerates firms in Nigeria, with the use of secondary data. The secondary data was sourced from sampled firms’ annual account and reports between 2008-2017.The data generated were analyzed using descriptive, multivariate regression, Correlation and disclosure index. The major finding from the analysis reveals that there was a positive relationship between CSR and performance and the average level of disclosure is low and falls within the weak level. In the light of the major findings it was concluded that, CSR brings about improvement in the firm value of the sampled conglomerates in Nigeria since they maintain a positive relationship.


Corporate Social Reporting, Firm Value, Conglomerates, Nigeria

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