The Effects of 8 Weeks Corrective Exercise Program on the Navicular Height of Teens with Flat Feet

Mohammad Kolooli


Flat feet (pes planus) deformity refers to one of the most prevalent postural deformity of lower limb appearing in two types of structural and acquired. The appearance of flat feet may be as a result of a weakness in elevator muscles of navicular bone. This research is aimed at studying the effect of an 8 week corrective exercise program on the navicular height of teens with flat feet aged 12-16.

Thirty boy students with acquired flat feet deformity (with mean and standard deviation of age, length, and weight at 13.46 years, 152.46 centimeters and 46.13 kilograms respectively) participated in the study. The research is a semi-empirical study of pre and post test kind accompanied by a control group. Samples are first selected by a pedascope and then divided into two groups of control (without exercise) and corrective exercise groups. Navicular drop test was used to measure variables. The difference between two groups was studied by two sample t-test and the effect of corrective exercises on corrective exercises group and the effect of time on controlled group were examined by paired t-test.

Results showed that no significant difference was observed in pretest and posttest of control group. However, corrective exercise group had improved navicular height.

According to results, special corrective exercises were effective on the growth of navicular height. Thus, it seems that corrective exercises can effectively improve pes planus.


Flat Feet, Special Corrective Exercises, Navicular Height

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