Assessing the Distributional Pattern of Dental Plague and its Association with Cigarette Smoking

Zukhraf Ashraf, Sidra Shaheen, Kanza ejaz



Objective: To assess the distributional pattern of dental plague and its association with cigarette smoking in population of Pakistan.

Place and Duration of Study: This study was carried out in various dental hospitals and clinics of Lahore in a duration of 8 months from February 2018 to September 2018.

Materials and Methods: 400 willing candidates were selected and given free dental checkup in various government hospitals of Lahore. The patients visiting the outdoor department were selected to see the presence of dental plagues. Informed consent was taken from each candidate. A carefully designed proforma was used for data collection pertaining to the smoking habits. For gathering the information samples were divided into two groups on the basis of smoking habits. Smokers were classified into one group and non-smokers into another with each group having 200 candidates. Sites of dental infections were examined by risk factors i.e. habit of smoking, type of cigarette and the number of cigarettes smoked in one day.

Results: Accretion of dental plague is most pronounced in the smokers in lower anterior lingual tooth surface and upper buccal surface in non-smokers and the accumulation of this dental plague is thought to be highly associated with the cigarette smoking. 

Conclusion: Smoking habits, number of cigarettes, type of cigarette and the duration for which a person has been smoking is found to have a correlation with accretion of dental plague at different oral sites.

Keywords: Smoking, accretion of dental plague, assessment, oral distribution

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