Oral Carcinomas and their Diagnosis and Prevention by Dental Surgeons

Sidra Shaheen, Zukhraf Ashraf, Fatima Ali



Objective: Oral carcinomas and the role of dental surgeons in its prompt diagnosis and prevention.

Place of Study: Multiple dental hospitals in Lahore were visited during this study.

Duration of study: This study was completed in a duration of 06 months form July 2018 to January 2019.

Materials and Methods: A carefully designed proforma was formulated which was given to different dental surgeons who were working in various clinics in Lahore and then their answers were used to calculate the role performed by them in early diagnosis and prompt treatment of fatal diseases.

Results: Through examination of the oral mucosa of the patient was examined by 25% of the dentists only. Use of various insultants like tobacco, alcohol and other elements was inquired by almost 70% of the dentists and to avoid these toxins was appreciated by 65% of the doctors. Use of toxic elements predisposing to neoplasia or preventions from them was neglected by around 50% of the doctors. Further exploration for the findings related to oral cancer was done by 9% of the doctors only and biopsy and senior consultation to rule out the oral carcinomas was done by the 6% of the doctors only.

Conclusion: For timely diagnosis and early prevention of oral carcinomas a lot of work has to be done by the dental surgeons as evident by the research. This can only be made possible by the health awareness and promotion by the dental surgeons.

Keywords: Oral Carcinomas, prevention, diagnosis, Dentists

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