Evaluation of Diabetes Mellitus Pre-operatively in Patients with Pre-planned Surgery

Arsalan Masood, Nahal Arshad, Qandeel Marfat



Objective: The main aim of this study is to maintain strict control of glycemic levels in pre-op patients which is critical in surgery.

Design of Study: It is a cross sectional study.

Place and Duration of Study: This study was carried out in a duration of 8 months form February 2018 to September 2018 in Services Hospital Lahore.

Materials and Methods: A total of 200 candidates including 100 males and 100 females were selected for the study who were willing to take part in this research and who had diabetes mellitus and some surgical issue that required surgical intervention. Informed consent was obtained from all the patients and carefully pre designed questionnaire was used to collect data. Ethical approval was obtained from ethical research committee.

Results: Total 200 patients including 100 males and 100 females were included in the study with the age between 20-60 years having a mean age of 40 years. Only those patients were selected who had been recently diagnosed with diabetes mellitus or had old history of diabetes. Random blood sugar was checked and had a range from 138-515 mg/dl with mean of 282 mg/dl while fasting blood sugar was ranging between 120-230 mg/dl with mean of 175 mg/dl and the definitive diagnostic test HbA1c was carried out in all patients ranging between 5-10 with mean of 7. To prevent surgical complications oral drug to reduce sugar levels were stopped and patients were kept on insulin therapy.

Conclusion: The main problem in pre-op and post-op patients leading to massive wound infection is high blood sugar levels that can be easily reduced with proper management and patient care. Diabetic control is essential to reduce the surgical complications.

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