Acute Complications of Pyogenic Meningitis in Children

Dr. Kiran Mazari, Dr. Muhammad Kashif Bilal, Dr. Imran Zahid


Objective: The purpose of this study is to aim acute complications of pyogenic Meningitis found in children during their stay at hospital.

Place and Duration of Study: The examination was conducted at the Pediatrics Department Samnabad Hospital, Lahore following a span of 06 months from the month of  October 2018 to March 2019.

Materials and Methods: A number of 50 children from age 3 months to 12 years, suffering from  The clinical features of acute bacterial meningitis were present in the examination. Patients  with VP shunt associated meningitis,mental retardation, tuberculosis meningitis, and age falling under 3 months or above than 12 years were not included in the observation. CSF analysis and C/S conducted  in call for clinical  cases from the pathology department of the Hospital. Explicit observation was carried out for acute complications where they were required, which incorporated, blood glucose, serum electrolytes,, creatinine, CT brain, PT, APTT serum osmolarity. For two weeks, patients were kept under observation for acute complications.

Results: All out of the 50 patients, children aged between 3 months and 12 years were being diagnosed as acute bacterial meningitis, were incorporated in the study. 59% among them were male and 41% were female.50% of patients were below 1year in age. 29% of them aged between 1 to 5 years, while 21% aged  between 5-12 years. Acute complications were seen among 32% of the sufferer. Profuse acute complications were , septic shock 4%, subdural effusion 16%,cerebral edema in 2%,acute hydrocephalus in 2%,cranial nerve palsy 2% and hemiparesis 6%, Common complications such as Hydrocephalus and cerebral edema Sub-dual effusion, were found to be more common in children below age 1, while  hemiparesis cranial nerve palsy and septic shock were were prevalent among children of more than age 1.

Conclusion: Acute bacterial meningitis isdelirious contamination in children  bringing about critical intense intricacy, mortality and horribleness. In one millennium from now our prosperity will rely on compelling immunization procedures which has diminished infection load in developed nations.

Key Words: Acute complications cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) hydrocephalus, Acute bacterial meningitis

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