Awareness of Dental Floss among Dental Students of First Year

Ayesha Noor, Aleena Yaseen


Objective: To assess awareness of dental floss use among first year students of dental college.

Study design and duration: This is a cross sectional study completed in duration of 4 months from January 2019 to May 2019.

Setting: Study was conducted at CMH Lahore medical college and institute of dentistry.

Patients and methods: There were total 130 students included in this study. Their age range was 18-26 years. A questioner was designed containing questions in English language like what is dental floss, what is its use and how it is beneficial etc. Each student was given one questioner to fill. Each question was having 2 or 3 options like “yes”, “No” or “don’t know”. Data collected was analyzed using Microsoft office and SPSS softwares and frequencies, percentages and P-value were calculated. Results were presented in tabular form. Proper permission was taken from ethical committee of the study institution before conducting study.

 Results: There were total 130 students including 60() male and 70() female students in this study. Their age was ranging from 18-26 years with mean age of 22.5 years. Out of 130 students, 107() students replied yeas and 23 replied no in answer to the question “ do you know what is dental floss?” In the reply of question “Does dental floss removes plaque in interdental areas?” 98() replied ‘yes’ and 32() ‘No.’ There were 98() students who were using dental floss and 32() were not using it. Overall 45() students were having poor, 60() having moderate, 12() high and 23 were having no knowledge about dental floss at all.   

Conclusion: Proper awareness about dental floss use and its benefits is very necessary among dental students as they have to give awareness to others in the community.


Dental students, dental floss, inter dental debris, toothbrushes

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