Distribution of Rh Blood Group among Students of Nishter Medical College

Aamna Tariq


Setting: This study was conducted on first year medical students of Nishtter medical college to

Duration: This study was started in January 2019 and completed in May 2019 comprising on total duration of 5 months.

Study design: This is a cross sectional study of observational type.

Materials and Methods:  Study was conducted on first year medical students. 100 students were selected via randomized controlled trials. Their blood groups were tested for being RH positive or negative. Test was conducted in the laboratory of college. Irrespective of gender studentsv were included in the study. Permission was taken from college authority and consent was taken from all students included in the study. Data collected was analyzed on SPSS version 2012.

Results: 67(55.8%) cases were male students and 53(44.2%) were female students. There were 55% cases having Rh positive group and 45% were having Rh-negative antigen. It was seen that mostly female students were Rh negative antigen while mostly male students were Rh positive antigen.

Conclusion: Rh positive antigen blood group was found more common among male students while Rh negative blood group was found among female students and overall Rh positive blood group was common in study group


Rh antigen, Nishter Medical college, blood grouping

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