Communal Violence and State Politics In Uttar Pradesh-2015



The rise of communal violence in the state of Uttar Pradesh in 2015 is quite alarming which can be related to Assembly Elections of 2017.  The increase is not spontaneous rather it has shown pattern since 2013 Muzaffarnagar violence. The year 2014 has witnessed 605 communal riots alone in this state, which amazingly all took place near the By-election’s constituencies of 2014. In 2015, as well state has once again recorded the maximum number of communal riots and killings. Thus the Ministry of Home Affairs has informed the Parliament that the communal violence in Uttar Pradesh has been once again showing the communal political propaganda in the context of Assembly Elections-2017. Hence this paper is an attempt to analyze the communalisation and communal violence-2015. This paper will also examine the new communalisation trends in this state. It will also investigate the communal state politics especially since the Modi Government has come into power. 


Communal Violence, State Politics, Dadri Lynch, Social Media

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