Role of Reference Group on Consumer Purchase Behaviour: A Study

Lavuri Rambabu


From the past decades, the market has been witnessing lot of behavioural changes in the purchase patterns of consumers. There is a need to find out the factors influence on the consumers. The current research paper investigates the influence of the social factors on purchase behaviour of consumers in the Hyderabad city, telangana. To achieve the objectives, the data has been collected from 132 respondents with the structured questionnaire used to impact of reference group factors on the consumer purchase behaviour and every age group of the respondents were targeted, the study is limited to Hyderabad. The study data was analysed with descriptive statistics, Pearson correlation and multiple regression by using 23.0 version. The research results show that friendship group, family group, Celebrities, Role and status are positively impact on the consumer purchase behaviour and work group, shopping group is negatively associated in the study area.


friendship group, family group, Celebrities, Role and status, work group, shopping group.

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