Women in Jilani Bano’s Writings: Reflection of Enforced Abortion in Two Short Stories

Mahaboobbi Shaik


Material development in India has led to the eradication of female babies through abortions. It is well evident from the population census of India and undivided Andhra Pradesh. The issue is well represented in Jilani Bano’s writings in Urdu. Her two short stories Phir Mai Paida Hoongi and  Specimen Box investigate and interrogate the so called development in India by exposing the technological development that is progressing hand in glove with patriarchal value system. These stories expose the menace of abortions and plight of women.


Women, abortion, patriarchy, development, Urdu, short stories

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Bano, Jilani (2001). Speciment Box. Baat Phoolon Ki. Delhi: Educational Publishing House.

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Tauheed, Iqra. Jilani Bano Kay Afsanvi Kirdar


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