The Kinetic Study of Ligand Substitution Reaction Using Lead as Catalyst

Anupma Singh


The Kinetic study of Pb (II) catalyzed  exchange reaction between hexacyanoferrate (II) and phenanthroline  (Phen) were studied as ligand substitution reaction which followed a dark coloured complex [Fe (CN)4 Phen]3- at 528 nm, pH=3.0±0.02, temperature =25±0.50 C. The effect of various parameters like  Concentration of  [Phen] and [Fe(CN)6]4-  on the rate of  reaction rate were also seen  and explained in detail. The reaction rate showed variable order dependence in [Fe(CN)6]4- . The effect of water , dielectric constant, ionic strength, temperature were also considered to arrive at a possible interchange dissociative  mechanism for the catalysed reaction. Activation parameters of the reaction under study was calculated with the help of Erying and Arrhenius equation and given in support of proposed mechanism.


Ligand Substitution Reaction, Lead, Catalyst

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