Comparing use of nitroglycerine and nifedipine for preterm labour patients

Akif Ali Khan, Shazmeera Urooj, Salman Ahsen




The aim of this analysis is to differentiate the results of Nitroglycerin versus Nifedipine to postpone the time of preterm delivery.

Materials and Methods:

200 women with preterm delivery were included in the observation and were divided between two groups via lottery method.Group A was administered Nifedipine and Group B nitroglycerin. Females were observed up till the day of delivery and complications post child birth were duly noted in predesigned Performa.Informed consent was taken from the participants. Non probability purposive sampling was utilized to select the cases.Entry and analysis of the data was done in SPSS (version 10).

Results: Average prolongation of pregnancy in Group A was 41.23 hours ± 25.11SD. In Group A, among 100 patients; 58(58%) had 2 days prolongation of pregnancy followed by 23(23%) patients who had 1 day prolongation. In Group B out of 100 patients; in 54(54%) days prolongation of pregnancy was observed followed by 17(17%) patients who had 1 day prolongation in pregnancy. In group A, 19(19%) females had more than 2 days prolongation of pregnancy and in group B pregnancy was prolonged in 29(29%) patients for more than 2 days. Difference in prolongation of pregnancy in both the groups was insignificant with p value 0.653. There was a higher rate of complications in Group B. Group A revealed 21% post treatment headache. In Group B, it was 32% of the patients. 18% patients of Group A were admitted in NICU, while 35% in Group B.

Conclusion: Nifedipine is effective for preterm delivery treatment.

Key Words: Nifedipine, preterm delivery, Nitroglycerine.

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