A Study Of Hemotological Profile In Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis At Tertiary Health Care Institutes

Siddiqa Ahmed Khan, Maryam Khalil, Ayesha Mustafa


Objective:  To estimate the incidence of  anemia among patients with chronic renal failure undergoing hemodialysis.

Setting and Design: Study was carried out for a period of two months from September 2019 to October 2019 in the dialysis units of tertiary health care institutes.

Subject and Method: The study design used was Observational Cross-sectional based. 86  patients of all ages, gender and socio-economic status, having chronic kidney disease(CKD) undergoing hemodialysis were included in the study. Technique of systemic random sampling was adopted. SPSS version 20 was used for data analysis.

Conclusion: Anemia is one of the most common complications seen in the CKD patients  worldwide. However, early diagnosis of anemia and adequate correction can prevent and reduce the associated complications and mortality  thus improving the quality of life in CKD patients.


hematological profile, chronic kidney disease, incidence, hemodialysis, erythropoietin

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