Surgical site infections and affiliated factors in individuals taking general surgeries

Usama Amin, Muhammad Asim, Iqra Nawaz, Amina Zubair


Objective: To determine contributing factors towards development of surgical site infections in patients taking general surgeries.

Materials and Methods: The study included patients with surgical site infections, developed after undergoing general surgeries. The information such as obesity, surgical duration, hospital stay duration, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, smoking and number of blood transfusions was noted.

Results: The study included 80 patients with age more than 18 years. About 52% of patients had age range of 45 to 60 years, whereas, 15% were above 60 years. The remaining cases belonged to age ranges of 18-30 and 31-45 years. The study included 57 (71.25%) males and 33 (41.25%) females. The factors responsible for causing surgical site infection were smoking (20.1%), multiple blood transfusions (14.2%), obesity (14.2%), and prolonged hospital stay (16.2%). Hypertension was present in 11.1% patients and diabetes was prevalent in 12.4% patients. Other 11.8% cases belonged to unknown causes.  

Conclusion: The contributing factors found associated with development of surgical site infection included multiple blood transfusions, prolonged hospital stay, smoking, obesity, and emergency surgery.


General Surgery, Surgical site infection, SSI

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