Weeding Out of Library collection :A Case study of the Jayakar Library, Pune University.

Usha Nitin Wanle, Priyanka Wadekar


Today libraries are facing the problem of space, staff and funds. According to Dr S R Ranganathan’s fifth law of library science “Library is a growing organism”, every year there is growth in the collection of the library. But the stacking space is not increased  as per the requirement. So one of the important activity i.e. weeding out of collection is necessary in every library. This is the part of collection development policy. In this paper  the authors have  elaborately described  the procedure of weeding out of collection in the University Library i.e. Jayakar Library. The total procedure and steps involved in the weeding out process are discussed in detail  in the present paper.


Weeding , Collection development, Academic libraries.

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