Chemical Basis for the Traditional Test Used for Loha Bhasma

Mrudula P Wadekar


Characterization of the genuine metallic bhasmas and confirmation of their identity and authenticity is very important for their safer use. Complete conversation of metallic powder to the bhasma is essential for this purpose. In ancient days traditional test like test of Phyllanthus emblica with loha bhasma was one of the significant test to identify genuine loha bhasma.In the present study, five commercial samples of Loha bhasma ie

 bhasma of iron  are subjected to this test to find presence or absence of free iron in the samples, using traditional ayurvedic test and chemical basis for the same is provided using UV-Visible spectroscopy. Importance and practical utility of the test is also discussed in this communication.


Loha Bhasma, ayurvedic test, Phyllanthus emblica, UV-Visible spectra.

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