Nitin Fal Dessai, Archana Raghuram Dharwadkar, Shruti Mohanty


Objectives: To introduce OSPE as a method of learning and formative assessment tool also to explore the undergraduate student and faculty perception of OSPE in Biochemistry .


Methods : Total 75 students were selected randomly and divided into 3 groups,A,B,C of 25 each. Total number of stations included were 11, 4 procedure and 6 question with 1 rest station. These stations were to asses cognitive and psychomotor skills within 4 minutes per station . Perception and performance of students about OSPE was assessed with a questionnaire.


Results :Results showed that majority (< 85%) felt that OSPE was fair, well structured and a better form of examination . More than 80% students felt that this kind of exercise covered appropriate knowledge and assessed the relevant practical skills. Above 60% felt that OSPE brought forward their areas of weakness, and is more useful than the conventional examination. Group B felt that OSPE covered relevant learning objectives and exhibited better cognitive skills by performing well in question station. Group C felt that OSPE covered their practical skills and better psychomotor skills by performing better in procedure station. Group A perceived OSPE to be stressful and were the lowest performers.


Conclusions : OSPE was found to be more objective, measured practical skills better, and eliminated examiner bias. It provides integration of learning and evaluation. Students and faculty felt that OSPE in formative assessments help students to develop different learning skills and make them better learners.



OSPE, Formative assessment, Perception, Performance

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