Teacher Education: From Vision To Action

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The far cry of the modern world has made it obligatory to strive for relentless excellence and ascertain oneself in this age of unvarying change leading to countless advancement in all spheres of life. One such means to ensure economic prosperity, growth and development in the world of technological revolution and globalization is Education.  Undoubtedly, Education is the biggest weapon in the hands of a nation to bring any catalytic change and thereby progressing towards the welfare and prosperity of the nation. For this, the need is to bring a radical change in imparting school education first, as this is where the destiny of future generation is shaped. Here lies the role of the teachers in leading their students from darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge and thereby determining the future of the nation.  As stated by NCTE (1998) in Quality Concerns in Secondary Teacher Education, “The teacher is the most important element in any educational program. It is the teacher who is mainly responsible for implementation of the educational process at any stage.” For this it is vital to amend the Teacher Education programme according to the needs and demands of society. As the teachers are the most important components of teaching learning process, they demand more focus and attention.  More emphasis should be given to the development of such programmes or actions which are built for the education of teachers. It is because the performance of teachers depends on the professional preparation of teachers. Teacher education is said to be very significant investment for bringing qualitative improvement in education. If a revolution in education has to be initiated, it is the teacher education which can be taken as a starting point.

The present paper is an attempt to throw light on the current scenario of teacher education programmes along with its historical evolution. We all are acquainted with the fact that there exists a gap between teacher preparation and requirements of the schools. In this paper the emphasis has been on how this gap is to be bridged by adequate changes in teacher education because inadequately trained teachers are not capable of developing changes in their pupils. The major emphasis is laid on the way of evolution of teacher education from simple vision dreamed by commissions and committees to the actions implemented and the actions that are required in present perspective.

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