Application of Action research in geography in school

Dr. Prolay Mondal


Abstract:   Teaching of geography is not confined within the ‘Four Walls’ of the so called ‘Classroom’. It has ‘GLOBAL EFFECT’ in every sphere of its journey. Geography teaching is truly concerned with the study of the globalization on education. It can be said that the teaching of geography has value not merely in school but as to preparation for the realities of life. A geography teacher must have a belief that his work is ‘worth doing’. Whatever the methodologies or the study materials are followed in teaching geography, teaches’ sincerity and life-participation in motivating the students towards the teaching learning process are more important.

During 2011 no of student failed in geography in my school. It creates professional hazards. Then I apply action research in geography in my school with the help of my colleague to obtain workable solutions to the arisen this problem. This action research has the merit of adoptability according to change the situation. It actually changes geography result which is very much associated academic development of the student of my school. These studies are very useful for planning of increase the result in geography as well as other subject in my school at Madhyamik examination. 

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