Evaluation of antimicrobial activity of probiotic microflora from neonatal origin.

Smita Hemant Nilakhe


The antimicrobial effects of the bacteriocin obtained from nine Lactic Acid Bacteria isolated from the fecal sample of breastfed neonates were tested against three pathogenic indicator strains, Shigella flexineri NCIM5265, Bacillus cereus NCIM2079 and Proteus vulgaris NCIM2027. 20 hrs old cultures supernatant was used to perform the antimicrobial activity using well diffusion method. All the nine isolates showed good inhibition of Shigella flexineri and Bacillus cereus. While seven isolates of nine showed moderate inhibition of Proteus vulgaris .Two isolate showed no inhibition to Proteus vulgaris.


antimicrobial effects,breastfed neonates,well diffusion method

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