Presentation of Women Ads in Print Advertisements

Manju Kataria


The representation of women in media has been an important area of research and issue of public debate. From a housewife to a committed working professional, a woman is dynamic in the many roles she plays. Women have been portrayed in advertising in stereotypical roles for yearsEver since its growth; the Indian advertising industry is actively employing women portrayal for promotion of a product or service. What is particularly noticeable about present advertising approach is that it is moving away from the earlier gender stereotype. The manner of portrayal of women in these ads is altering with the changing times. Moreover, women of today are emerging from the emotionally weak and powerless image towards an assertive and financially independent one. This presentation of women is important to bring about a constructive change in the society. The objective of this research is to investigate whether the recent advertisements portray women in an empowered manner or not. The supplements of four leading newspapers of India (both Hindi and English) of six months are selected and content analysis method has been adopted for this study.


Women Presentation, Content Analysis, Advertising, Newspaper Supplements.

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