Groundwater Quality Evaluation for Agriculture / Irrigation of Meghnagar area, Jhabua Region, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Vinod Bhuriya, Pramendra Dev


The evaluation of groundwater quality for agriculture / irrigation purpose of Meghnagar region, Jhabua District, Madhya Pradesh, India, has been conducted. The  groundwater in Meghnagar study area occurs under unconfined and confined conditions. The quality assessment has been based on results of chemical analysis of 25 dug well water samples. The chemical analysis include determinations of ionic concentrations and various parameter such as Kelley’s ratio (0.105 to 0. 263 epm), Sodium percentage (9.672 to 21.022 epm), Sodium adsorption ratio (0.708 to 1.266 epm), Residual sodium carbonate (-9.107 to -21.836 epm)  and Mg- hazard (32.653 to 75.555 epm). The plots of Sodium Adsorption Ratio and Electrical Conductivity values on U.S. Salinity diagram indicate that the groundwater quality is suitable for the agriculture / irrigation. The values of Sodium Percentage and Electrical Conductivity have been plotted on Wilcox Diagram, which exhibits that water is of Excellent to Permissible class. The chemical quality evaluation points out that the Meghnagar groundwater is favorable for agriculture / irrigation use.


Evaluation, Chemical quality, Groundwater, Agriculture / Irrigation, Meghnagar, Jhabua District, Madhya Pradesh, India

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