Physico-chemical investigation of public water supply schemes from Krishna River in Palus Tahasil of Sangli District, M. S., India

Sanjay Vishnu Pore


Abstracts: Physicochemical investigation of water from public water supply schemes was carried out with the objective of assessing its potabiliy for drinking purpose. It was observed that, lowest BOD value of 5.3 mg/L and highest BOD value of 8.1 mg/L where as the lowest COD of  75.3 mg/L and highest COD of  112.30mg/L.. DO ranged from 3.4 to 6.3 mg/L. Electrical Conductivity was from 578 to 710 umho/cms which is below the permissible limit. The total hardness was from 33.89 to 20.99 mg/l, pH was acidic to  mild alkaline. The Suspended solids and total dissolved solids were within permissible limit. The total dissolved solids were within the ranges of  504.3 mg/L to 609.2 mg/L. All the samples were found to be suitable for drinking purpose.

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