Brain aging and Rasayan treatment

madhavi prabhakar mahajan


Aging is a progressive generalized impairment of functions resulting in the loss of adaptive response to stress and increasing risk of age related diseases.

Though aging doesn’t spare anybody one can make it less apprehensive.

The man with the empowerment of knowledge and resources had always a quest for immortality and youthfulness. This leads his Endeavour to search a tool which could protect him from aging or at least minimizing the effect of aging.

Rasayan is the tool for it.

One of the critical areas that need to be addressed is concerned with neuro-psychological health. Neurodegenerative diseases are characterized by progressive impairment of brain functions in brain aging.

Objective of the work is to understand how ageing changes takes place in brain and  how to regulate, retard these changes.Vata, Pitta, Rasa, Rakta,Majja,Ojus and Beejabhagaavayava are the influencing factors for brain aging.

Decreased cognition, intellect,vision, enthusiasm, wisdom are the signs of brain aging. Various theories in contemporary medicine like neuroendocrine, free radical, cell aging theory etc. are contributing in the field of aging. All the theories ultimately speaks about the derangement in the cell structure and functions resulting to cell senescence, the cause of brain aging.

Rasayan treatment can be a great solution for brain ageing as it is helpful in retardation of necrobiosis, cytokinesis and biodivision of cell. Rasayan control the flow, distribution of consumption of finite supplies of rasa and sneha to brain, thus improving the basic metabolic function of the brain tissue.

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