Introduction: Accidents represent a major epidemic of non communicable diseases in present century. India accounts for 6% of the world’s road traffic accidents although it has 1% of world’s vehicle.

Aim and Objectives: To study the Awareness and Practices on Road Safety among Students of Panjab University Chandigarh. The objectives of the study were as follows-

 1. To ascertain level of road safety   practices   among   Panjab university students.

 2. To know their understanding and their behaviour pattern with respect to road safety.

Methodology: A cross-sectional   study was conducted by using a questionnaire among 200 students of Panjab University.  Data was collected regarding, type of vehicles, injuries, time of accident, use of helmet and valid driving license etc.

Results: Study showed 15.5% students used mobile phones while driving and the major reason for violation of traffic rules. Second most important reason was crossing at wrong signal. Study revealed that 24.5% did not have valid driving license and out of them 6 % did not considered it as an offense.

Conclusion: Study revealed good knowledge of traffic rules and safe traffic behaviour among the Panjab university students.




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