Farming for the coming generation- Precision farming



The technology among crop production has deepened very speedily during the past few years. Many of these deepened changes have contributed to new innovative technologies like precision agriculture or precision farming. It is lending agriculture into the digital and data manner. The purpose of precision farming technology allows farmers to manage the field in an individual grid zone with respect to its unique output potentialities. The art of managing the field in an individual grids or zones is being pertained as site-specific farming. This technology is framed to render broad reliable information and data to help the crop growers for making better site-specific management decisions. By having more modified and improved management decisions, growers can turn into more efficient, lower production costs, and in turn, more remunerative. This new technology is also possible by using of inputs in a précised manner, linking computers, on-the-go sensors, Global positioning systems Geographical information system and Yield monitoring systems. Know-how on PF helps to forgo the future challenges. Hence, this paper provides an overview of precision agriculture and its technologies.

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