Automation of Academic Libraries in ICT Environment: Issues and Challenges

Ranjna Kohli


In the age of information and knowledge explosion, libraries and information resource centers have become multimedia centre due to adoption of new technological devices and changing nature of their information storage, retrieval and services. Information Communication Technologies began to build up an information society, which has crossed the geographical limitations and has provided facilities to access into global information systems. As a result, nature of modern librarianship has changed considerably with the advent of new technologies. Due to information and knowledge explosion it has become essential for the librarian to provide a master key to the repository of knowledge. The librarians started mechanizing activities of libraries and research institutes through various gadgets. The main aim of any library is to provide access to proper information explosion, due to growing demands of the users and shrinking of financial resources, library is not able to obtain all the reading materials on demand. The only way to overcome these problems is resource sharing through networking. The present paper discusses the concept of library automation, need and objectives, steps involved in the process of automation, impact of automation, benefits and challenges faced due to integration of Information Communication Technologies. (ICT).


Library, Library Automation, Information Technology, Library software

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