Evaluation of Land Use/ Land Cover Change Detection in a part of Mandakini River Basin, Chitrakoot District, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Dilip Kumar Dixit


The paper deals with an appraisal of the land use/land cover change detection in a part of Mandakini River Basin, Chitrakoot district, Uttar Pradesh, India, by using remote sensing satellite data The present study area is confined to latitude 24°55' N to 25°30' N : longitude 80°47' E to 81°10' E (Survey of India toposheet nos. 63 D/13, 63 C/16, 63 C/15, 63 G/2 and 63 G/3 on 1:50,000 scale)  covering an area of 1033.59 km2. The satellite images have been examined by visual interpretation techniques using Remote Sensing and G.I.S. softwares. The general classification level has been adopted, The identified classes include agriculture land, waste land, settlement, fallow land, hills, river, water body, forest/plantation. The method of maximum likelihood classification was adopted by assigning each pixel to the class that the highest probability. The earlier and present images have been analyzed to observe land use/ land cover change detection that reflect positive trend of development in study area.


Land use/ Land cover; Change Detection; Remote Sensing; G.I.S.; Mandakini River Basin; India.

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