Teaching Learning Process of Primary Education of Darjeeling District

Prohlad Roy


Education is not only a means of development but it is also an end in itself. To be clearer, education leads a man from darkness to light. Education depends upon four factors teacher, student, school and environment.Every factors has different role to play .The role of a teacher is of a friend, Philosopher and a guide who is always there to give his knowledge to his student the student plays pivotal role of a learner , School is the institution where the student gets formal education and environment is the factor which helps in facilitating education.Teaching and learning is interlinked we cannot thing teaching without learning. The teacher teaches and the student learns. Interaction between the teacher and learners is the core process of the teaching learning process


Teaching Learning, facilitating education, knowledge, skills and attitude.

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DISE information given by DPO of Darjeeling District


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