Availing CBWTF to science colleges, a need of time.

B. B. Ballal


Health hazards  through biomedical waste of health care industries like hospitals is focused by many researchers but the generation of biomedical waste through science laboratories affiliated to different colleges of universities is a virgin area.75 different colleges from Pune territory providing B.Sc. courses were selected for study. Curricula of different colleges were observed for possible generation of biomedical waste. It was found that, the curricula included handling of animals in ‘Zoology Department’, handling of pathogenic microorganisms in ‘Microbiology Department’, practicals like blood grouping and few of serology experiments. Administrative departments of colleges were visited for knowing the status of biomedical waste disposal. The information was collected through person to person interviews and was counterchecked from the software data of common biomedical waste treatment facility, Pune Municipal Corporation. Out of 75, only 3 science colleges were reported for availing for ‘Common Biomedical Waste Treatment Facility’ (CBWTF). Track record of biomedical waste disposal by the colleges availing CBWTF was checked from the entries of regional collection centres. No single college was found of disposing biomedical waste on a daily bases.


Common Biomedical Waste Treatment Facility, CBWTF.

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