Vol 7, No 7 (2019)


Table of Contents


A study on teenage drug abuse among students of Lahore PDF
Zainab Abbas, Hakeem ullah, Ahmad Faeez
Frequency of Stress among Medical Students PDF
Junaid Rashid, Yusra Chishti, Hira Akram, Hammad Raheed
Comparison of BCG and Mitomycin in treating urinary bladder tumor PDF
Dr. Namrah Iqbal, Dr. Muhammad Mateen Javaid, Dr. Zainab Chaudhary
The relation of study habits and academic achievements for medical students XML
Dr. Namrah Iqbal, Dr. Muhammad Mateen Javaid, Dr. Zainab Chaudhary
Awareness of Breast Cancer in Lahori females PDF
Ayesha Abbas, Hakeem ullah, Ahmad Faeez
Comparison of oral and parenteral iron therapy in postpartum anemia PDF
Muhammad Sa'd Masood, Ayesha Abbas, Zainab Abbas
VP Shunt Placement and the Incidence of Associated Complications in Patients Presenting in Mayo Hospital Lahore. PDF
Muhammad Ashfaq Baig, Saria Yaqoob, Hafiz Rizwan Ul Haq
Clinical Presentation Of Epithelial Ovarian Carcinoma PDF
Amina Safdar, Aamna Tariq
Oral Vs Parentral Iron Therapy among Women in Post-Partum Period PDF
Mamoona Suleman, Aneeza Akram, Jawariya Arooj
Distribution of Rh Blood Group among Students of Nishter Medical College PDF
Aamna Tariq
Outcomes of large bore vs small bore percutaneous nephrolithotomy PDF
Jawariya Arooj, Aneeza Akram, Mamoona Suleman
The Possible Outcomes of Total Knee Replacement – What Can You Expect? PDF
Nimra Zahid, Ameera Riaz Tarar, Anum Siddiqui

Social Science & Humanities

The Relationship between Organizational Culture and Employee Performance in Nigerian Tertiaty Institutions: A Proposed Theoretical Framework PDF
Sabiu Salihu Malam
Unity of Sentential Meaning: Bhartṛhari's Approach to the Indivisibility Thesis PDF
Rohana Seneviratne
The Impact of Corporate Governance Mechanism on the Performance of Banks in Nigeria PDF
The Moderating Role Of Work Condition On The Linkages Between Culture, Self-Esteem And Performance Academic Staffs Of Tertiary Institutions: A Conceptual Approach PDF
Sabiu Salihu Malam, Abdullahi Umar Abboh, Sani Garba Jabo, Abdulkadir Aminu Ladan
Tourism : A Source Of Development PDF
Sudhir Maddela, Pradeep M.

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