Vol 2, No 9 (2014)


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A Study of Measuring and Assessment of Internal Audit Effectiveness in Improving the Performance of Private Sector: A Cases Study of Institute of Internal Auditors in India PDF
Peshkawt Abdullah Abdulkarim, Kakasaheb Jadhav, Shivaji Borhade
Citation Analysis of Pearl: A Journal of Library and Information Science PDF
Ramesh Kuri, Venugopal Hajje
Role of Biochemical Markers in diagnosis of Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Diabetic patients. PDF
Paul K Marx, Nitin Faldessai, Shruti Mohanty, Venkata Ramana Devi
Teachers’ Epistemological Stancesand Science Education PDF
Gopal Krishna Thakur
Toxicological Effect of Azadirachta Indica PDF
Abhishek Raj
Rhythmic Ability of Handball Players at Outstanding Level of Performance: A Virtual Study PDF
biswajit sardar, Dr.Kavita Verma
Biological Weapons: covert threats to Global Health Security PDF
Rakibul Hasan
E-Governance: An Information Service Gateway of Internet Era PDF
Leena Khullar
Slow and Sready can also Win the Race: A Comment on the Problems of Slow Learners PDF
deepa awasthi
Meaning and Existential Inference: Quine’s Account PDF
In Defense of Naturalized Epistemology by Kornblith’s Account PDF
Effect of plant based formulations on obesity indicators in humans. PDF
Sharda Singh
Value Crisis: A Global Phenomenon PDF
Nutan Sharma
Oscillatory MHD Free Convective Flow and Mass transfer through Porous Medium bounded by a Vertical Porous Channel with Thermal Source and Slip Boundary Conditions PDF
Manisha - Sharma
The Quest of Completeness: Mohan Rakesh’s Aadhe Adhure PDF
Surbhi Saraswat
Antifungal activity of gliotoxin from Trichoderma viride against Fusarium sp and Alternaria Sp. PDF
Muthukumar Elangovan
A Study on Analysis of Equity Share Price Behavior of the Selected Industries PDF
Bh. L Mohanraju
A Study on Employee Grievances PDF
Bh. L Mohanraju
Modulatory action of melatonin against chlorpyrifos induced hepatotoxicity in Wistar rats PDF
Inderpal Singh Sidhu, Jasvinder Singh Bhatti, Gurjit Kaur Bhatti
An Ecocritical Study on William Wordsworth and Nader Naderpour’s Poetry PDF
Marzieh Shamsi, Anita Lashkarian
Civil Society: A Theoretical Framework PDF
Ritamoni Gogoi
Two poets, the same desire: A Lacanian Reading of John Keats and Fereydoon Moshiri’s Poetry PDF
Niloofar Arjomandi, Anita Lashkarian
Shopping Behavior Profile Patrons Mall on National Growth Conurbation PDF
Noorsafiza Mohd Sapie
Relationship between personality traits and women employment status: a study in Aligarh, India. PDF
Saba Khan, Femina Khan
Role of Health and Education in Socio-Economic Development of population: A Case study of a Village in Haryana PDF
Munesh Kumari
Effect of antitranspirants on the germinating seeds of Sorghum vulgare L. PDF
Sunil Ganpatrao Pawar, Sushma Sunil Pawar, Vanita Mohan Kamble
Drug trafficking in South Asia: a case study on Bangladesh. PDF
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Flows in SAARC Countries PDF
ragh raghu
Concept of Push Technology applied in an Engineering College Library in Kolkata PDF
Amitabha Pramanik
भारतीय आर्थिक विकासातील परकीय थेट गुंतवणुकीचे योगदान PDF
jeevan vithal shinde
Business correspondence – need for English in the 21st century PDF
Shakeela Noorbasha
Said Nursi’s Concepts of Education and Revitalization of Muslim Culture and Civlization with Special Reference to Southeast Asia PDF
Anees Ahamed
Mechanism of leptin action, resistance and regulation of energy balance: a review PDF
An effects of Music Teaching in School PDF
Bharat Patel
A study of the knowledge and practices of nurses regarding management of pain in patients undergoing cardio thoracic surgery in selected hospitals in Mumbai PDF
Sangeeta Sunil Bhujbal
Impact of Information Communication Technologies on Academic Libraries to Develop Modern Library PDF
Suryakant Ghadge
Application of Morphometric Analysis in Ground water Exploration in Narwar – Palkhanda Sector of Ujjain District, Madhya Pradesh, India. PDF
Pankaj Barbele
The Tradition of Women’s Writing in Contemporary Iran PDF
Angela Sadeghi Tehrani
Riffaterre's Semiotics of Poetry in Re- Reading John Keats' "Bright Star" and Sepehri's "To the Garden of Co-Travelers" PDF
Raheleh Bahador
A study to assess the practices, of staff nurses regarding care of children on ventilator. PDF
Agnes A Swamy
The Guide and Guide- A Comparison PDF
Nighat Fatima
Beeralaguddada Srinivas Veerappa
Redefining Perspective on Reading Skill in English Language Education: Theory and Practice PDF
Muhammed Salim K., Abdul Latheef Vennakkadan

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