Vol 2, No 10 (2014)


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Domestic Violence against Dalit Women: A critical review PDF
Vinutha Vinu Ganta
Rape and Its Representation in Bollywood Movies PDF
Rukmani Rukmani
Elegiac Asides on Gauri's Side: Affirmative Melancholia and Ontological Risking in Jumpha Lahiri's The Lowland" PDF
sudebi giri
Efficacy of Iron Fortified Food/ Supervised Iron-Folic Acid (IFA) Supplementation on the Hemoglobin Status of Pregnant Women from Urban Slums of Delhi, India PDF
Rashmi Maharaj
Forough Farrokhzad – An Uproar in the Contemporary Persian Poetry PDF
Angela Sadeghi Tehrani
An Empirical Study of Inflation, Unemployment, Exchange Rate and Growth in India PDF
Kirandeep Kaur
Presentation of Women Ads in Print Advertisements PDF
Manju Kataria
Groundwater Quality Evaluation for Agriculture / Irrigation of Meghnagar area, Jhabua Region, Madhya Pradesh, India. PDF
Vinod Bhuriya, Pramendra Dev
Adolescent Girls’ Empowerment: The Conduit for Nation Building PDF
Women’s Participation in the Forest Governance: A Case Study of Buxa Tiger Reserve Forest PDF
Bimal Roy
Utilization of Social Networking Tools in the Learning Process by Social Science Students at Aligarh Muslim University: A Survey PDF
The effects of aerobic training on malondialdehyde level of brain premotor cortex of young male rats following an acute bout of exhaustive endurance exercise PDF
Amir Khosravi
Ambitious Quest for 'Rule-Oriented' Dispute Settlement System of WTO PDF
Dr.Humayun Rasheed Khan
Role of Rainfall Variation Trends in Recharge of Groundwater System of Bagh Area, Dhar District, Madhya Pradesh, India. PDF
Arti Dawar, Pramendra Dev
Chemical Quality of Groundwater Resource of Mandwada Area, Barwani District, Madhya Pradesh, India. PDF
Dayaram Solanki, Pramendra Dev
Effects of Temperature and Relative Humidity on Ethephon Induced Gum Exudation in Acacia nilotica PDF
Abhishek Raj
Effectiveness of video assisted teaching programme on knowledge regarding non pharmacological pain relieving intervention for children among staff nurses in selected hospital PDF
Sreelekha Rajesh
Credit Scenario of Women: A Case Study of Magrahat, South 24 Parganas, Wb PDF
Sanchita Bhattacharya
Negotiating Identity between India and Canada: A Reading of the Select Plays of Uma Parameswaran PDF
Sangeeta Mahesh Mahesh
Rainfall Data variation analysis and Environmental impact of Rainfall trend on Meghnagar Groundwater Resource of Pat River Basin, Jhabua Tribal District, Madhya Pradesh, India. PDF
Vinod Bhuriya, Pramendra Dev
Engendering Management Information System for introducing incipient information accommodation in Academic Libraries. PDF
Currency Futures Trading In India PDF
Bh. L Mohanraju
SHG-Banking under SGSY: An empirical investigation of bankers’ perceptions and problems in Jalpaiguri district. PDF
Soumitra Sarkar
Eligibility versus Entrance Test PDF
The Misings folk song ‘Oi-Ni:tom’- An Overview PDF
Raghunath Kagyung
Physico-chemical investigation of public water supply schemes from Krishna River in Palus Tahasil of Sangli District, M. S., India PDF
Sanjay Vishnu Pore
Software Tools and Techniques for Analysis of Proteomic LC-MS Data PDF
Sanjay Gaikwad
Distance Education: An Emerging System of Learning PDF
Yogendra Shriwas
A descriptive study to assess prevalence of depression among geriatric group (age 60 years and above) PDF
Shubhada Kale
A Significance of Financial Ratio Analysis in Decisions Making: A Case Study of Kicons Pvt. Ltd. PDF
Salih Rasul Agala, Shivaji Borhade
A Study of the Importance of Financial Statements in Investment Decision Making : A Case Study of HDFC Bank PDF
Ali Omer Mohammed
Dimensions of Gender Inequality in India and Education as an Instrument for Women Empowerment PDF
Gopal Krishna Thakur
‘Recovering’ Women in the Interest of the Nation PDF
Anuradha Singh
Environment, Development and Modernization: An Gandhian Analysis PDF
Tanaya Mohanty

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